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When I first came I thought everything was over, my dreams were finished I was so miserable, within a month I had been doing voluntary work, and been accepted to University. Nine months on, I have passed all my work for my first year at Uni, my order has finished and LWC have given me some real voluntary work and I believe in myself again. 

- Achieve Service User

We undertake a range of information, advice and employability activities to support women to have the information, knowledge and skills that they need to get the best out of life.  We also work closely with local partners to enhance our offer and bring in specialist advice provision into our centres.

Our Employment Support Team provide an individually tailored service for any woman looking to gain employment, go into education, volunteering or job searching.Our experienced staff will work with you on a one to one basis to develop your own personal action plan and support you to achieve your goals.

Our package of support includes:

  1. * Workshops and Training Courses to help you build your CV, develop interview skills, build your confidence and  identify your strengths and skills.
  2. * Volunteer led work clubs to support with job searching and CV building.
  3. * Digital inclusion and IT support 
  4. * Support to find the right training course and qualifications.
  5. * Volunteer placement opportunities to enhance your portfolio and develop your work skills.
  6. * Money advice  and support.
  7. * Support find the right childcare provision 
  8. * Access to therapeutic services, including one to one support and group activity to boost your confidence and self-esteem. 

Lancashire Women's Centres offer a Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulated debt counselling  and money advice appointments offering a range of services. 

Such as: 

  1. * Benefit advice including rent arrears,
  2. * Benefit applications
  3. * Mandatory reconsiderations and appeals
  4. * Debt issues and options, 
  5. * Back to work calculations
  6. * Budgeting advice.

Sessions are delivered out of each of our centres and work in partnership with Shelter within Blackburn Library. 

We offer 1-to-1 sessions by experienced staff offering support and impartial advice to those in need.

Current Projects:

Achieve North West Connect - Employability Support

CFO3 is co-financed by Her Majesty Prison and Probation service (HMPPS) and the European Social Fund (ESF) to support social inclusion through improving the employability prospects of disadvantaged ex-offenders.

Working in partnership with Achieve North West Connect to support women with an ETE need in addition to at least 2 other complex pathway needs e.g. substance misuse, accommodation, mental and physical health. 

We offer support with accessing first step courses and further training as well as providing in house volunteering opportunities to gain experience and a reference.

Weekly Work Clubs - Employability Support

We run weekly volunteer led job search and application support groups 'Work Clubs' at each of our centres.  If you need help finding a job, or simplly access to the internet to look for work then drop into one of our friendly clubs for support with  issues such as accessing Universal Jobmatch, job searching and setting up and using email.

Building Better Opportunities – Employability Support

We are delighted to be part of a Lancashire wide programme offering employment support to individuals in the local area and which are being delivered by a partnership of 61 organisations, led by the Social Enterprise Lancashire Network (Selnet).  The schemes are part of a programme funded by the Big Lottery Fund and the European Social Fund called Building Better Opportunities

As part of these programmes we are providing specialist support around Digital Inclusion to those aged 16 – 25 or over, supporting people to improve their basic computer skills, learn how to make use of online and electronic resources to support job search, application and to improve their employability.

Building Better Opportunities - Age of Opportunity is aimed at those over 50 who are facing significant barriers to employment, and which might include caring responsibilities, low skills or mental ill health.

Building Better Opportunities - Invest in Youth provides similar support but targets those between 18 -24.  

The third project is the Building Better Opportunities - Changing Futures Project. This is our employability programme that provides intensive employability support for participants most disadvantaged, it will look to support people who are most at risk of exclusion from the labour market to identify, reduce and remove their barriers to employment. The project will be delivered across Lancashire with a focus on areas where there are high levels of poverty, targeting Black, Asian and minority ethnic groups, women, people with physical and/or mental health issues and learning difficulties. 

Whilst we are providing support around Digital Inclusion, there are a whole host of other partners engaged in the programme who can provide support around a range of barriers to employment including caring responsibilities, benefits and welfare advice, self employment and motivation. 

ReachIT is a digital inclusion project aiming to ensure that no-one in Lancashire gets left behind by the shift towards the need for digital skills. By providing targeted, personalised digital skills training, we aim to improve employability, health & wellbeing, and provide the digital skills necessary to empower those in disadvantaged communities throughout Lancashire.  We’ll ensure that the most socially excluded throughout Lancashire can access ReachIT by channelling engagement & support resources through local communities and services.   Participants will be equipped with improved digital skills leading to enhanced employability opportunities, better financial planning, reduced social isolation, as well as opening up access to online health services. The community will benefit from improved community cohesion (through re-engagement of socially excluded people), as well as support for local businesses and the economy.

All projects will help support people into Education, Volunteering and Employment.

To find out more about the programme, and to see if you are eligible for support contact Vicky Hutchinson, BBO Project Coordinator (Age Of Opportunity and Investing In Youth) or Maira Butt (Changing Futures)

WorkFit Women – Employability Support

Our WorkFit Women project provides a holistic package of employment support activities to women who are not in employment and over 24yrs.

We provide, one to one support , group training courses, workshops, money advice, therapeutic services and volunteer placement opportunities to equip women with the skills and confidence to move forward into employment, education or job searching.

For our 6 weeks training courses click here.

This project is funded by European Structural and Investment Funds. 

IT Resources

We have IT suites available in each centre enabling free access to the internet.  At certain time we also have volunteer support for guidance and extra help - including access to online training  - for those requiring extra assistance in using the equipment or searching the internet.

Money, Debt and Benefit Advice Service

Lancashire Women's Centres offer a Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulated debt counselling  and money advice appointments offering a range of services. 

Such as: 

  1. Benefit advice including rent arrears,
  2. Benefit applications
  3. Mandatory reconsiderations and appeals
  4. Debt issues and options, 
  5. Back to work calculations
  6. Budgeting advice.

Sessions are delivered at each of our centres and work in partnership with Shelter within Blackburn Library. 

We offer 1-to-1 sessions by experienced staff offering support and impartial advice to those in need. 

Legal Advice

We work with a number of local solicitors who provide free legal clinics at our centres.

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