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Support, Encourage, Enable

'We believe that every woman matters'

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Our Organisation

Our vision is where all women and girls in Lancashire are valued and treated as equals.

To empower women and girls to be able to transform their lives by bringing them together to

•      find their voice

•      share experiences and understanding

•      develop their knowledge and skills

•      challenge stereotypes and misconceptions about them … so that they can have choices in becoming the individuals they want to be.

We continually work to ensure that our services:

Meet Women’s Needs
  1. By championing the value of a gender specific approach in our delivery and as a primary route to achieving better outcomes for those we work with.

  1. By adopting an asset based approach- building aspirations and removing barriers.

  1. By identifying the needs of different communities and adapting services locally to meet these needs.

To read more about Lancashire Women's Centres please read our CEO, Sarah Swindley's blog post. 

Are Accessible to all Women
  1. By bringing a range of services together under one roof - a “One Stop Shop”.

  1. By locating our centres in communities where need is greatest.
Are of High Quality and are Effective
  1. By providing high quality, evidence based interventions in community settings. 

  1. By being innovative, responsive and professional.

  1. By investing in our staff and volunteers.